Can I drop in and look at designs? In order to provide all of our clients with exceptional designs and customer service, we are available by appointment only. Feel free to book your free, private consultation so that we can chat about what inspires you, what you’re looking for and look at all the gorgeous paper swatches.

Where is your shop located?  We are in the trendy EDO (east downtown) part of Albuquerque, on the Northeast corner of Central and Arno, one block east of Broadway. You’ll find my shop nestled between Mark Pardo Salon and Shannon Loves Flowers, in the old ABQ Highschool development.

What kind of parking is available? There’s metered street parking in front of the building, and a super affordable parking garage directly north of my shop. There are also a few side streets around with free parking.

How many invitations should I purchase? This is one of the most common questions that we get, hands down! You want to order 1 invitation per HOUSEHOLD, not per guest. This number is typically half, to one third of your guest list. We recommend setting up an excel spreadsheet with each family or couple’s name in one cell, their mailing address in the next, and then city, state, and zip in the following cells. This will help you determine how many invitations to order. This file will also be needed if you are purchasing or receiving address printing services. This file will be a huge time saver for you as you can use it to keep track of your RSVP’s as they come in, and later you can note the gifts you received, so you know how to properly thank everyone. Once you have your guest list, we suggest ordering an additional 10-15 to have on hand in case any get returned to you and so that you have a beautiful copy for yourself. It’s always best to order a few additional in the beginning, rather than having to pay extra for re-orders.

What’s the smallest amount I can order?  Our base starting number is 25, and from there increments of 5 are available.

What printing options do you offer? Our base prices reflect digital printing using laser, soy based or solid ink printers. Luxury printing options like Foil, Letterpress, White Ink and Thermography (raised ink) are available with a custom quote.

When should I place my order? Our turnaround times range from 3 weeks for current designs, and 6-8 weeks for fully custom designs. Large orders with lots of assembly may require additional time. Rush orders are available at an additional rate.

When should I send out Save the Dates? Save the dates are generally meant for your out of town guests, as a courtesy to let them know when your date is so that they can book travel arrangements. These are generally sent out 6-12 months before your wedding.

When should I send out my Invitations? This can often depend on your catering needs, as some venues and caterers request longer lead times. However, if you aim for sending them out 2 months prior to your wedding, you’ll be in good shape.

How should I set my RSVP by Date? We always recommend padding the date that your venue and caterers need to know your final numbers by by an extra week. This is typically one month to five weeks before your date.

Can I order Invitations in Spanish? Yes. We are happy to set them up in any language, you’ll just need to provide us with the translation. We also offer 2 print options that allow you to order a portion of your order in English, and a portion in a different language if necessary.

I’m not planning on inviting everyone to the meal; can I do 2 separate invitations? Yes. We do this quite often, and we offer 2 printing options that allow for this.

I only need Info Inserts for my out of town guests; do I still have to purchase the full amount? No. One of the best things about working with Funky Olive is that everything is totally customizable. If you only need a specific amount of inserts, or RSVP’s or anything else, you only order what you need.

When do I send out Thank You cards?  Traditional etiquette guidelines say that you have 1 year to send out your thank you notes (you did just make a major life change afterall!) But we recommend trying to get them send out within the first 3-4 months. If you’re planning on using a photo of the two of you from your wedding on your thank you cards, be sure to let your photographer know this beforehand, so they can give you an expected date for that photo file, so your cards can be designed.

How many programs should I order? We usually recommend ordering 1 per couple, as it’s not necessary for every person to have their own programs. This is a great way to cut a little bit of costs on the big day!

What is the difference between Place Cards & Escort Cards? Escort cards are usually set up on a large table at the entrance of your reception, and guests find their card and pick their own seat at their designated table. Place Cards are already placed at a specific seat at their designated table. Place Cards are usually used along with a seating chart to direct your guests to their seat, especially for larger receptions.

How long has the owner been designing stationery? Devonna has been a professional graphic designer since 2005, and has been designing wedding stationery since 2009. It all started when she was lucky enough to marry the most ah-mazing man ever and she designed her own suite!

Did the owner go to school or was she self-taught? Devonna has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from New Mexico State University, with an emphasis in Graphic Design. That said, she learns something new almost every day, as this type of business is always looking forward toward new trends and fantastic new ideas.

What is her favorite thing to design? She LOVES designing invitation suites that reflect current trends in colors and design, because they’re constantly evolving. Her favorite colors to work with are greys, and fun, vibrant colors like teals, greens and purples.