about Julianne

Julianne always dreamed of working at the FO. Her dreams came true in December of 2017! You can usually find her behind her macbook, rockin' a top knot and a pair of yoga pants. She’s in love with her dogs and has come to grips with the fact that she will always be the girl at the gym covered in fur. She received her bachelor's degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Marketing  + Advertising and a minor in Studio Art. Her repertoire includes 5 years as Creative Director for a premier local wedding magazine as well as 4 years of experience in all encompassing event conception and coordination including floral design, decor installation and wedding day coordination. Julianne is completely smitten with all things wedding but is also a resourceful and artistic professional offering strong skills in marketing, graphic design and trendsetting. She believes that coffee is the most important meal of the day and is a self appointed font queen. Julianne is beyond intrigued with all the amazingly creative aspects that the wedding industry cultivates and her heart is forever with all the local couples looking to set the tone of their celebration through paper products, design, and overall fabulousness.

  • I want to pet your Dog. 
  • My chihuahua Beni and my pittbull Gigi, are my best friends.  
  • I will spend ALL my mula for a pretty new font. 
  • Amateur floral design is my jam. 
  • I have an unhealthy obsession with pretty paper. 
  • Wayne's World is my favorite movie- Party Time. Excellent!
photo © arieleikinzerphotography.com

photo © arieleikinzerphotography.com


Invitation Trends I Love:

I am really loving custom illustrations on invites right now! So memorable and luxe. I want to put custom wax seals on EVERYTHING. I love using darker color palettes because they match my moody lil heart. Velvet + silk ribbon bellybands will forever have my heart. FONTS- there's not enough room to detail my love for fonts but I think you get the picture.