COLOR CRUSH: Ultra Violet

Roses are red, violets are actually ULTRA VIOLET, we've got a huge crush on that color and we simply can NOT deny-it! Ok so admittedly, Shakespeare is definitely not sweatin' our poetry skills over here but we hope we got your attention because we are in desperate need of someone to chat with about our new love affair with this cosmic beauty... #ULTRAVIOLET

Ultra Violet, in our very humble opinion, is the most HOPEFUL shade that we have seen win Pantone color of the year in the last decade. Yes, hopeful IS a weird adjective to describe this impeccable hue but let us explain. According to the experts at Pantone, they chose this shade only after 9 FULL MONTHS of introspective contemplation + nitty-gritty-honest-to-god research (i.e vacations around the world, fully emerging themselves in culture and history and amazingness). They picked Ultra Violet as winner in 2018 for many reasons but one is that they felt is was symbolic of the feeling of going forward in a way that takes our potential and awareness to a new level. We feel extremely hopeful and not to mention EXCITED about starting off the New Year with a heightened sense of potential in a world that requires constant inventiveness and imagination. That sentiment is a big YES PLEASE for us! Ultra Violet exudes originality + ingenuity, it’s the COLOR OF THE COSMOS for heaven's sake! Ultra Violet is the galaxy and everything magical that this world has to offer and that is why this color is hands down, without a doubt, our color crush, confidant + all out beau the month of January 2018 and beyond. 

Are you listening trendy ABQ Brides + Grooms? We are talking to you! Take note, Ultra Violet will start to pop up at weddings + celebrations this next year, through florals, gown fabric and especially as a standout color in and on paper products + wedding invitations and stationery! Our favvvvve of course. 

This color is going to take over your insta + pinterest feeds and we invite you to embrace it, embrace your inner Lisa Frank and all of your life long dreams. Embrace this glorious tone with everything you have- it will be worth it, we promise! This isn’t our first rendezvous with this lavish shade. We absolutely love the way ultra violet pops off of a piece of paper. It brings life to watercolor and summons the deepest sense of glamour when used as a foil accent. Check out some of the ways we have used this color in previous celebrations, below and don’t you worry, we have some new projects cookin’ up that we will share as inspo for you too… 


Pro tip: Ultra Violet is a super versatile shade to pair. Virtually any neutral shade will make a good side-kick. Ultra Violet also looks fab when paired with rich shades like Navy or Burgundy especially for winter celebrations. We also LOVE a metallic match up with this shade. And we herby demand and also politely ask that you consider the 2017 Pantone pick (greenery) to make a debut with Ultra-Violet in the New Year too! 


Cheers + Happy New Year to you love, thank you for taking the time to read this. Here's to an amazing 2018, a year in which we won't think twice when it comes to making a bold choice. Let's make it an ULTRA violet and enlightened year where we embrace change, happiness and the magical wonder of the future that awaits. Sending love, laughter + please consider us if you haven't already, to be part of your happily ever after! Ok Shakespeare NBD but we are coming for YOU!

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